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Heart of worship

I recently watched an interview with a well known worship leader, who while sharing on a dark and painful time in her life, she threw out a thought that really intrigued me. She mentioned that during such times, the devils number one thing he wants to steal from us is our worship.

The more I pondered this thought the more it made sense. We often hear that the devil wants to steal our joy… while I don’t discount this by any means, there is also truth to the comments made.


Think about this… you know those mornings your late to church because you accidentally set the alarm to pm not am, so in a frantic panic you jump out of bed and step on the cat, only to jump into a cold shower (of course the gas has ran out!). Trying to salvage the morning… you make yourself a coffee and pull the empty milk bottle out of the fridge……..

You get in the car and while driving to church, world war 3 breaks out between you and your spouse (probably because of the stupid cat!)

And when you arrive at the door, you greet the host as if everything is fine.. not a worry in the world. By this stage the 2nd song has already started and what do you do…………. sit down to feel sorry for yourself!

*come on.. be honest we all have had those days!*


While this example may be slightly exaggerated.. the end result is all to common..

The enemy has robbed you of your worship!


Time after time I can relate to being in a this type of situation, at place of struggling faith or just stressed to max… the last thing I feel like doing is worshipping.

Yet worship is one of our most powerful weapons! Worship builds faith in our spirit, it sets us up for battle and it’s our way of telling our heavenly father how much we love Him. It’s like stretching before a workout. Throughout the bible there is story after story where the worshippers are sent before the army, giving praise to God.  So why would we intentionally not worship?


My encouragement to you is, when you find yourself in a tight situation, down in the dumps or about to implode, put some worship music on and begin to worship God… It doesn’t have to be an extravagant display of hands in the air or down on your knees.. sometimes its just listening and soaking in. Trust me…  You’ll (and those around you) will be amazed!


Till next time.. God Bless



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